Stitch Fix unboxing 2

April 14, 2014

Stitch fix #2 came in the mail today, I might have squealed a little when I saw the fed-ex guy.  I didn’t expect it until tomorrow so this was a nice monday surprise.

If your new to Stitch fix here is a quick recap.  Stitch fix does the shopping for you.  You create a profile of your likes, sizes, preferences on styles, and can even give the stylist instructions or hints on what you might want.  For me, I wanted cute comfy clothes I could work or play in.  I am a jeans and shirts type of gal, but I want the cute factor too.  In each fix you get 5 items and you can choose to keep them all, and get a 25% discount, or keep as many of the 5 items as you want.  I am in dire need of clothes, since losing 30 + pounds and getting rid of my bigger clothes, then having twins and needing those big clothes again, I don’t have much to wear, and/or the time or desire to go shopping.  So this is the perfect solution for me.  Clothes hand picked by a stylist and shipped to me!!  What could be better.

 photo JCH_8383_zpsb7816d86.jpg

I had the same stylist as before Nicole (shout out to her, she is great).  She gives a card with a note and a photo that describes each item and what to pair it with.  Her note said she was inspired by my pinterest board, and I had requested comfy cute clothes that I could do photography in, so she had that in mind as well.  Sweet!
 photo JCH_8387_zps47a1f2e8.jpg

First up was the Collective Concepts Tribal printed blouse- I loved the print, wonderful material, and style would look great with jeans, or dress pants.  Verdict:  Keep

 photo JCH_8394_zps14be20d4.jpg

Mystree Lace Panel Tank- So love the style, color and lace on this tank, the little details like the back are super cute, great length and flowly around the middle.  Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_8395_zpsd4f27122.jpg

Papermoon Mixed Print sheer cardigan- very light and airy, big, comfy and flowing

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_8398_zps7efd986c.jpg

Margaret M Brocade cropped pant-  These cropped trousers are a wonderful fabric, with a design (Hard to see in the photo), crop right at the ankle, super comfy, stretchy and perfect for working in!

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_8403_zps6ea688ae.jpg

Last but not least is Kris Nations Texas State Necklace-  Super cute necklace for a Texas Gal!

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_8406_zpse0fa3b17.jpg

So I decided to keep all of my fix, priced at $304, but minus the styling fee of $20 and the 25% discount  of $71.00 (which is basically the tribal blouse for free) all 5 items were $213.00

If I had decided not keep something, they included an addressed postage paid envelope to return your items.  You also have to make your decision in 3 days.  If you do return something you don’t get the 25% discount and if you return it all they keep the 20 styling fee.

The great thing about Stitch fix, while this is more than I would normally spend on 5 items, it’s really great quality of clothing that I can and will wear for years to come.

So do you stitch fix?  What is your favorite item I received.  To see my first Fix.


Miss Maisie went broody 3 times last year, but I never let her raise a single chick. I would normally stick some eggs under her and let her do her thing, but since I was “incubating” babies, I decided it was best not to have more little things to take care of.  So she had a little break.

If you remember, Big Mama was my official broody whisperer, but, since she is gone, Maisie has taken over the duty graciously.


So Maisie went broody and the big boys and I really were itching to hatch.  So we went big.  We set 40 eggs in the incubator and put another 12 under her.


We hatched eggs from our own flock of Olive Eggers, we have 4th generation OE’s hatching.  I am really excited to see what comes from these eggs.  I love having my own breeding project in my back yard.  I breed mostly for the color of the egg, but lately have been selecting for feather color and fluff, as the egg color is really great.  With this batch I am hoping to get a new rooster and some more pretty pullets.


So far we’ve hatched about 28 chicks, and got some really neat colors that I haven’t hatched before.  JCH_8359
They like to hide and tuck underneath Maisie’s fluff, it’s amazing that they can all fit.

Maisie will raise them for about 4-5 weeks until she thinks they are fit to fend for themselves and she will return to the flock and resume laying eggs.


I am hoping to sell most of the chicks, much to the dismay of the big boys, as they want to keep them all.

Anyone want some chicks?



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March 20, 2014
 photo JCH_5375_zps2cc6bc30.jpg

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Stitch Fix unboxing

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 photo JCH_5318_zps65cbb88a.jpg

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 photo JCH_7026_zps14fe1dd5.jpg

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 photo JCH_6032_zps2074d193.jpg

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