C and G turn 3

May 16, 2016

It’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post I almost forgot how, 😉

But I couldn’t not post about my sweet little boys 3rd birthday.

We celebrated at the house with a pool and gruffalo themed cake and cookies.

And as always it’s so hard to believe my littles are 3, it just seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant with twins!!

























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Boys of Summer 2015

August 4, 2015

Exactly 2 years ago I took pictures of my boys in our backyard.  It was hot and sticky and the boys squinted and I recruited my mom to help.  But I took one of my favorite all time photos of my boys that day.   Awe, they all look so very wittle.

Well 2 years have flown by and this is our last week in our home of almost 10 years.  I am feeling a little emotional about the move, but looking so forward to a much bigger home and 2 bathrooms.  Oh it will be glorious.

 photo JCH_3606_zpsscnntwdl.jpg
 photo JCH_3616_zpsqmfku0l0.jpg

So I had to make due with it.
 photo JCH_3625_zpst8uyyelv.jpg

Of course, I think there is even a term for this, photographer’s children syndrome, and if it’s not a term, it should be.

 photo JCH_3636_zpsjk8i3ggx.jpg

Seriously those boys.

 photo JCH_3629_zpse0xb37fa.jpg

I tried all my tricks and they just weren’t having it.

So, I just sang to myself, let it go, let it go.  I will think this is funny one day.

 photo JCH_3669_zpstfeidmas.jpg
 photo JCH_3709_zpsfdmeomxc.jpg

And I took some photos of my Wy guy.  Love this one of the sprinkler behind him.

He has recently lost both his front teeth and looks so different now.

 photo JCH_3717_zps7avrsv8z.jpg
And look no crying driving the ford.
 photo JCH_3714_zpsicoruyou.jpg

Ranger, mid lick
 photo JCH_3725_zpsvnu0vhyh.jpg
and my sweet cricket, I just love that face.

 photo JCH_3723_zps5uaxadhn.jpg

And my big boys, seriously when did this happen.

 photo JCH_3650_zpstcwf5pya.jpg

Oh how I will miss this house and all the memories made here.  But lucky for me I will drive by it everyday and keep all our wonderful neighbors as we are only moving 4 houses down.



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2 year old photos in the sandbox

May 21, 2015
 photo JCH_7936_zpsiom5fvpz.jpg

So I was going to take 2 year photos of my boys, but in typical photographer’s child syndrome; I hadn’t planned it yet and was blanking on ideas, and outfits. SO I decided to keep it easy, in the backyard, unposed, playing, in their old onesies, barefooted, digging in sand. This is typical for my […]

C and G’s 2nd Birthday Party

May 18, 2015
 photo JCH_7707_zps5lyv7n0n.jpg

It happened, the babies turned 2. AND reluctantly we had a birthday party for them, like all good parents do. I kid, I kid.  But just an emotional momma who doesn’t like when her kids get older.  Nothing new here. The theme was Elmo and Cookie Monster, just like big brother’s 2nd birthday. The cake […]

A trip to the park

May 13, 2015
 photo JCH_6134_zpsggxmpyuh.jpg

I am a wimp…… This post is suppose to be about my babies going to a wonderful new park for the first time and loving every second of it, which they did as the photos will show. But as I sit here to write, I have a lump the size of Texas in my throat […]

Stitch Fix unboxing #?

April 17, 2015
 photo JCH_3140_zpsm07keprk.jpg

So I’ve been the happy participate of Stitch fix for some time now.  The clothes I fall back on 100% of the time are my stitch fixes, the clothes I get the most compliments on are my fixes.  They are well made, with hints of details that you just don’t see everywhere.  Makes me feel […]

Rainy Day Fun

March 12, 2015
 photo JCH_1242_zpsp27t4yh4.jpg

It’s been a rainy season so far, between that and the cold we’ve been cooped up in the house for way too long. It was raining yet again and ALOT so I decided to let the boys play outside, yes in the rain, yes it was about 65 degrees and yes in their undies. H […]

Bathtime Fun

January 12, 2015
 photo JCH_4451_zps93d39a8a.jpg

I snuck in and took some pictures of all the boys taking a bath the other night. I was trying to not been seen, so I could catch them just interacting and playing like they usually do. But they spotted me, they are so sweet in the bath all together. G loves playing with the […]

Carnival Lights

October 28, 2014
 photo JCH_0027_zps570d25c9.jpg

We took the boys camping a couple of weeks ago and they were having a carnival, so of course we had to go.  The bigs had a blast, and the littles too.  We rode rides, at carnival food and petted the animals.  A fun friday night for sure. They were tall enough to ride the […]

Sneaky Snacks

September 4, 2014
 photo JCH_7164copy_zpsf24e6d1b.jpg

So the other day the babies were playing out side and I was feeding the chickens and I walked up to this scene (of course I ran for my camera). What you are looking at is not a trash can, but the dog food can. The babies managed to push their wagon over to it, […]

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