Stitch Fix unboxing #?

April 17, 2015

So I’ve been the happy participate of Stitch fix for some time now.  The clothes I fall back on 100% of the time are my stitch fixes, the clothes I get the most compliments on are my fixes.  They are well made, with hints of details that you just don’t see everywhere.  Makes me feel a little more unique and quirky even at times, in the best of ways.  My most recent stitch is below.

 photo JCH_3140_zpsm07keprk.jpg

Pixley Jacobe Chevron Print Maxi Dress- love the fit, and comfort of this dress.

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_3146_zpsony0lfip.jpg

Papermoon Rock Embroidery Detail Knit top- perfect for spring, love the length and fit of this top and the emboridery detail.

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_3141_zpsf0z1lcxs.jpg

Liverpool Collen Straight Leg Jean- white jeans, eek.  With 4 boys I was hesitant, but I love the fit and look of the white jeans.

Verdict: Keep


 photo JCH_3148_zpsnssjn3ol.jpg

Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt- love the half sleeves and super soft shirt.  So easy to wear.

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_3144_zpsxqzmhttb.jpg

Collective Concepts Lydia Floral Print Key-Hole Blouse- beautiful blouse with wonderful detail and perfect with the white jeans.

Verdict- Keep
 photo JCH_3142_zpsfrigqmye.jpg
What is stitch fix you ask?  Stitch fix does the shopping for you.  You create a profile of your likes, sizes, preferences on styles, and can even give the stylist instructions or hints on what you might want.  For me, I wanted cute comfy clothes I could work or play in.  I am a jeans and shirts type of gal, but I want the cute factor too.  In each fix you get 5 items and you can choose to keep them all, and get a 25% discount, or keep as many of the 5 items as you want.  I am in dire need of clothes, since losing 30 + pounds and getting rid of my bigger clothes, then having twins and needing those big clothes again, I don’t have much to wear, and/or the time or desire to go shopping.  So this is the perfect solution for me.  Clothes hand picked by a stylist for me!!  What could be better.  You can see my previous fixes here and here.

My tips for a successful stitch fix. Details, give your stylist exact suggestions on what you like.  If you hate red, tell them.  Be specific have them send you for a specific event or work.  Let them know how you want your clothes to fit.  If you only want clothes in your fixes, un-select any accessories from your profile.  I personally only want clothes.  I also ask for the same stylist each time, she’s had a really good track record with me so I like to keep that going.

Have you gotten a stitch fix?



Rainy Day Fun

March 12, 2015

 photo JCH_1242_zpsp27t4yh4.jpg

It’s been a rainy season so far, between that and the cold we’ve been cooped up in the house for way too long.

 photo JCH_1184_zpsmaoabxok.jpg

It was raining yet again and ALOT so I decided to let the boys play outside, yes in the rain, yes it was about 65 degrees and yes in their undies.

 photo JCH_1211_zps5mlbmnkg.jpg

H even got in on the action, he was home sick with a stomach bug, but was feeling much better.

 photo JCH_1188_zpsdfsmtymy.jpg

C and G were a bit hesitant at first, but they loved it.

 photo JCH_1203_zps6mivwqzb.jpg

 photo JCH_1264_zps6uxwrwql.jpg

And even stripped down.

 photo JCH_1247_zpsqq7hfjhl.jpg

Just love those little tushies.

 photo JCH_1255_zpsuwgpqfvb.jpg

I seem to remember a similar post when H and W were about the same age, you can see it here and another when they are a little older here.


Bathtime Fun

January 12, 2015
 photo JCH_4451_zps93d39a8a.jpg

I snuck in and took some pictures of all the boys taking a bath the other night. I was trying to not been seen, so I could catch them just interacting and playing like they usually do. But they spotted me, they are so sweet in the bath all together. G loves playing with the […]

Carnival Lights

October 28, 2014
 photo JCH_0027_zps570d25c9.jpg

We took the boys camping a couple of weeks ago and they were having a carnival, so of course we had to go.  The bigs had a blast, and the littles too.  We rode rides, at carnival food and petted the animals.  A fun friday night for sure. They were tall enough to ride the […]

Sneaky Snacks

September 4, 2014
 photo JCH_7164copy_zpsf24e6d1b.jpg

So the other day the babies were playing out side and I was feeding the chickens and I walked up to this scene (of course I ran for my camera). What you are looking at is not a trash can, but the dog food can. The babies managed to push their wagon over to it, […]

Old Fashion Banana Pudding

September 3, 2014
 photo JCH_7153_zps321ac5b5.jpg

This past weekend DT and the bigs were working hard on cleaning my tahoe, and let me tell you it was DIRTY, inside and out.  So I asked DT what I could do for him and it didn’t take him long to say, Banana Pudding.  At first I was like, no I don’t have cool […]

Day in the life 2

August 26, 2014
 photo JCH_6773_zpsd6a83053.jpg

This may become a series as it seems my boys are always getting into something and I am always grabbing the camera to watch it unfold.  Just a normal day in the life of 5 boys.  Yep, I included DT in the count.

Homemade Italian Bread

August 23, 2014
 photo JCH_5777_zpsa006eb30.jpg

Nothing is better then some fresh semi-homemade bread baking in the kitchen.  I took the easy route and used my trusty bread maker, and you can certainly make this fully by hand.  This bread has the perfect blend of spices and chewy, crusty dough.  Great with Italian pasta dishes or soups.  I served this with […]

Back to School Photos- 1st Grade

August 18, 2014

My big boys are starting school next Monday 1st grade, and I took these fun, super cute photos of them and a school bus. I love these photos so much and though H may not have been so eager as the photo below shows, he turned out some really great photos and this mama couldn’t […]

A day in the life

August 15, 2014
 photo JCH_5254_zps8b6298f8.jpg

I recently watched a photography class that was all about documentary style photography and day in the life photos that tell a story.  I love love love these style of photos and think it’s a neat way to capture your life now, and finding the beauty in the everyday little things of life.   Especially […]

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