Bathtime Fun

January 12, 2015

I snuck in and took some pictures of all the boys taking a bath the other night.

I was trying to not been seen, so I could catch them just interacting and playing like they usually do.

 photo JCH_4451_zps93d39a8a.jpg

But they spotted me, they are so sweet in the bath all together.

 photo JCH_4462_zpsa179f2ce.jpg

G loves playing with the cup and squealing as loud as he can.

 photo JCH_4465_zps86d6b08e.jpg

C loves the to brush his and his brother’s teeth.

 photo JCH_4471_zps56accd6a.jpg

 photo JCH_4497_zps1517a62b.jpg

 photo JCH_4473_zps68044e7e.jpg

There is something I just love about this photo, technically it’s all out of focus.

But I love the perspective of this shot, W kissing G on the head, G grabbing H’s arm and H grabbing C as he is trying to move away.  Love those silly busy boys.

 photo JCH_4486_zps294707c6.jpg

 photo JCH_4484_zpsc31dcbf2.jpg

Cricket catching a little peace and quiet while they bath.

 photo JCH_4481_zps5fe464fe.jpg

I’ve been a horrible blogger lately with the holidays and my busy time of the year with photography I have really slacked, hope to be posting more regularly soon.





Carnival Lights

October 28, 2014

We took the boys camping a couple of weeks ago and they were having a carnival, so of course we had to go.  The bigs had a blast, and the littles too.  We rode rides, at carnival food and petted the animals.  A fun friday night for sure.
 photo JCH_0027_zps570d25c9.jpg
 photo JCH_0036_zps32299d0c.jpg
 photo JCH_0044_zps00389da5.jpg

They were tall enough to ride the Farris Wheel, so I rode with them.

 photo JCH_0049_zps5a832894.jpg
 photo JCH_0053_zps7a6201a2.jpg

A friend from school rode with us.

 photo JCH_0057_zpsde9f91d7.jpg
 photo JCH_0061_zps8a24ebac.jpg
 photo JCH_0069_zps42ca0748.jpg


 photo JCH_0076_zps1b801093.jpg
 photo JCH_0086_zpsecd40929.jpg
 photo JCH_0098_zpsb9d2c1ab.jpg
 photo JCH_0102_zps844be67f.jpg
 photo JCH_0117_zps7f0723c3.jpg
 photo JCH_0129_zps26848bc7.jpg
 photo JCH_0132_zps78dfc036.jpg


Sneaky Snacks

September 4, 2014
 photo JCH_7164copy_zpsf24e6d1b.jpg

So the other day the babies were playing out side and I was feeding the chickens and I walked up to this scene (of course I ran for my camera). What you are looking at is not a trash can, but the dog food can. The babies managed to push their wagon over to it, […]

Old Fashion Banana Pudding

September 3, 2014
 photo JCH_7153_zps321ac5b5.jpg

This past weekend DT and the bigs were working hard on cleaning my tahoe, and let me tell you it was DIRTY, inside and out.  So I asked DT what I could do for him and it didn’t take him long to say, Banana Pudding.  At first I was like, no I don’t have cool […]

Day in the life 2

August 26, 2014
 photo JCH_6773_zpsd6a83053.jpg

This may become a series as it seems my boys are always getting into something and I am always grabbing the camera to watch it unfold.  Just a normal day in the life of 5 boys.  Yep, I included DT in the count.

Homemade Italian Bread

August 23, 2014
 photo JCH_5777_zpsa006eb30.jpg

Nothing is better then some fresh semi-homemade bread baking in the kitchen.  I took the easy route and used my trusty bread maker, and you can certainly make this fully by hand.  This bread has the perfect blend of spices and chewy, crusty dough.  Great with Italian pasta dishes or soups.  I served this with […]

Back to School Photos- 1st Grade

August 18, 2014

My big boys are starting school next Monday 1st grade, and I took these fun, super cute photos of them and a school bus. I love these photos so much and though H may not have been so eager as the photo below shows, he turned out some really great photos and this mama couldn’t […]

A day in the life

August 15, 2014
 photo JCH_5254_zps8b6298f8.jpg

I recently watched a photography class that was all about documentary style photography and day in the life photos that tell a story.  I love love love these style of photos and think it’s a neat way to capture your life now, and finding the beauty in the everyday little things of life.   Especially […]

Monthly Box Subscriptions

July 1, 2014
 photo JCH_2005_zpsdeeb4a96.jpg

I’ve gone a bit nuts with the box subscriptions and have tried so many of them that I’d love to share what I think of each one. Subscription boxes: are either a one time or monthly/quarterly box that comes in the mail.  I mean who doesn’t love to get a surprise box each month.  These […]

Jamberry Nail Wraps Giveaway- closed

June 21, 2014

Winner announced, congrats to Dahlia Salazar. What is Jamberry? They are a high quality, vinyl, heat and pressure sealed nail wraps.  They last for weeks, at a fraction of the cost of a salon visit! No harsh chemicals, chipped polish, or damage to your natural nail and there are over 350 adorable style options! One […]

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