Mommy and Me Photo Session

I am doing a mini session that is very near and dear to my heart and just for Mom’s.  A fun, relaxed and gorgeous photo session with your very own children.

So I want to encourage all the moms out there to come to us get some sweet photographs with your child. Do it for your children, so that twenty/thirty years from now, your child will treasure the mini album of photos and be so thankful that you took the time to remember this precious moment in your lives.

Give the gift of a session to yourself, your children, or a special mother in your life. Would be great for any mother no matter the age of her children.

It will be a 20 minute session with your child(ren). Will include 3 mini accordion albums ($80 value) perfect keepsakes for you and your children one day,  online gallery and Facebook timeline cover.  Each album include 7-8 images, each album will be the same.

JCH_8416 JCH_8423

Dates are April 27th and May 3rd in El Campo.

Contact me to book.


G and C 11 months update

April 22, 2014

 photo JCH_8487_zps94d731cc.jpg

A little past due on our 11 month update, but here I am, and I am doing it today.  I think part of me doesn’t want to acknowledge that the babies are 11 months old, so if I skip the update it isn’t true, right?

Moving along….

It astonishes me to this day just how much 2 little babies can change in the month since the last update, and 1 month from now I can only imagine.

The babies are great eaters and love almost everything I feed them.  G is slightly pickier, he doesn’t like those little baby puffs any more.  They are still nursing 5 times a day and get 1 bottle of cow’s milk a day (trying to switch to sippy cups, but they aren’t having it.)  My goal with breastfeeding was 1 year, so we are getting really close to calling it quits.  It makes me so sad to think about, and I will miss our sweet little special time.  I am really savoring our last month of breastfeeding.

 photo JCH_8430_zps59679ad9.jpg

Let’s start with Mr. C, he is offically walking, mostly about 5-10 steps at a time and then he sits or stumbles.  He is getting braver by the day and I see him walking all over the place, which worries me a bit, because he is clumsy (as you can see his forehead and all the bruises).  He is a happy, loud, and super cuddly baby.    He loves opening and shutting doors, they keep him busy.  He loves playing, following his big brothers around, and reading books.  His favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  He loves his paci and a little blue hippo lovey.  Colt now has 2 teeth, his top left and bottom right tooth, and the another bottom tooth is so close to popping through.

 photo JCH_8469_zps6f849cfa.jpg

So cute, bumps and bruises and all.

 photo JCH_8443_zpsbac29ada.jpg

 photo JCH_8449_zps81caf41c.jpg

My G man refuses to smile for the camera!!  But he is a smiley happy baby, none the less. G has 6 teeth now, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. He is trying to walk, but we call him the drunk monkey, poor baby.  He tries to walk, but is very wobbly.  He will take about 2 steps towards me and fall forward in my arms.  It’s sweet and he thinks it is so much fun. He is obsessed with the tv remote, cell and house phones.  He will spot them and is dead set on getting it.  For Easter he got a much cooler toy cell phone, but wants nothing to do with it.   He loves to take the remote and drop it and say UH really loud, he hasn’t quite got the oh, part of uh-oh.  He also says ma-ma, da-da and ba-ba.  It’s very sweet in the mornings when I get him from his crib, he is so happy and almost always says ma-ma.  His strawberry birthmark  seems to be fading in color slightly and maybe is slightly smaller.  We love his birthmark, and joke that it is his most kissable spot.

 photo JCH_8506_zpsb44db11a.jpg

All four boys with their Easter Eggs.  Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.

 photo JCH_8490_zpsdbc96fc4.jpg


Stitch Fix unboxing 2

April 14, 2014
 photo JCH_8383_zpsb7816d86.jpg

Stitch fix #2 came in the mail today, I might have squealed a little when I saw the fed-ex guy.  I didn’t expect it until tomorrow so this was a nice monday surprise. If your new to Stitch fix here is a quick recap.  Stitch fix does the shopping for you.  You create a profile of your […]

The Amazing Maisie is at it again.

April 13, 2014

Miss Maisie went broody 3 times last year, but I never let her raise a single chick. I would normally stick some eggs under her and let her do her thing, but since I was “incubating” babies, I decided it was best not to have more little things to take care of.  So she had a little […]

Bluebonnets and 10 months

March 20, 2014
 photo JCH_5375_zps2cc6bc30.jpg

The bluebonnets are blooming and gorgeous this year. A very sweet couple who take their time and effort to grow and groom these beauties have allowed me to use their bluebonnets to take photos. And it just so happens the babies are 10 months old! I know, I know in 2 short months I will have […]

Stitch Fix unboxing

March 19, 2014
 photo JCH_5318_zps65cbb88a.jpg

I don’t know when I was so excited to get a package.  I was literally giddy over it.  Looking out the window every few minutes waiting for it to come. What was I so anxious about, you may ask?  Have you heard of stitch fix?  It is the best thing. Stitch fix does the shopping […]

C & G 9 months

February 17, 2014
 photo JCH_7026_zps14fe1dd5.jpg

I took 9 month photos of the babies today, outside, a gorgeous weather day in their little pearl snap tractor onesies.  The babies have changed so much in the 1 month since my last post.  They are everywhere, climbing up to stand on everything, and crawling so fast.  I have to constantly run and shut […]

C and G 8 months

January 22, 2014
 photo JCH_5026_zpsb6f6fece.jpg

  I am a little late getting their 8 months post up, so they turned 8 months old on the 14th and today is the 22nd, ahem.  I’ve been busy? Out of town?  Forgot?  Lots of excuses, but I did take these photos 1 day after they turned 8 months, so they are accurate, I just haven’t […]

C and G 7 months

December 14, 2013
 photo JCH_1690_zps5f149b41.jpg

The littles are 7 months old today and are enjoying their first Christmas Season.  They love the lights and all the new “toys” to play with, and let’s not forget, Mommy is loving their first Christmas too, and what’s that without some cute babies with santa hats, nakie tooshies, and Christmas trees? G at 7 months […]

Christmas Mini Photo Session

December 1, 2013
 photo JCH_6897_zps27676d4d.jpg

I love taking photos!  Sometimes it’s nice stating the obvious.  A-hem I did mini sessions for my photography business, hobby, job?  Not sure which category it falls into.  But I did Christmas Mini’s, and had to “practice” on my sweet darling, perfect picture taking boys.  And by practice, I mean use every bit of patience […]

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