Do you have a high-quality product that Newlyweds readers might enjoy? Does it make life easier, save money, a blog, or just plain cute? I’m happy to provide ad space and/or reviews on my blog for those companies I feel I can wholeheartedly endorse.

Beginning in December 2009, Newlyweds will display 125×125 button ads and text ads in the sidebar just under the main logo. These ads can be purchased on a monthly or multi-monthly basis. Rates are competitive and based on page views from the month previous.  Includes: monthly sponsor post, advertising on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

I do not charge for reviews, and I will give my honest opinion at all times. In order to review your product in a fair and honest way, I ask that you send one product to me to try and keep. And another to offer as a giveaway to Newlyweds readers. I prefer that you ship the winner’s prize directly to them.

I am also looking for Guest Bloggers please contact me if you are interested in writing for me about the following things:

1. Cooking, tips or recipes
2. Gardening
3. Parenting
4. Farm or Animal stories
5. Organizing tips for family and household
6. Crafts or home decor makeovers

Please note: if you Guest Blog for me, then I, in effect, own that post. I ask that you do not also post it on your site. You may put a teaser and direct your readers to the full write up at my site Newlyweds.

I update the Newlyweds blog three to four times each week, and my readership is growing steadily. In July  2012, the site had over 100,000 page views and more than 1200 subscribers and 2300 Facebook fans.

Please email me for current advertising rates and packages.

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