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C and G turn 3

May 16, 2016

It’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post I almost forgot how, 😉 But I couldn’t not post about my sweet little boys 3rd birthday. We celebrated at the house with a pool and gruffalo themed cake and cookies. And as always it’s so hard to believe my littles are 3, it just […]

C and G’s 2nd Birthday Party

May 18, 2015
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It happened, the babies turned 2. AND reluctantly we had a birthday party for them, like all good parents do. I kid, I kid.  But just an emotional momma who doesn’t like when her kids get older.  Nothing new here. The theme was Elmo and Cookie Monster, just like big brother’s 2nd birthday. The cake […]

6 years of motherhood

November 23, 2013

Taking a little walk down memory lane as the Bigs turn 6 this Saturday.  My throat tightened a bit as I typed that, really 6!!   What a crazy adventure it has been, and I wouldn’t change a single thing.  Even the tantrums, broken leg, messes, because what brings it all that together is all the fun, […]

Despicable Me 4th Birthday

November 23, 2011

Today is my babies’ actual 4th birthday.  4 years ago I was doing this. But, last weekend we had a fun party at our local Museum.   We decided to do a Despicable Me themed party since the boys love the movie so very much.  I also found this website that has the absolute best tutorials […]

3 years of silly faces and sweet kisses

November 23, 2010

*Be sure to stop by the Meal Planning Giveaway this week* Happy 3rd Birthday Boys! So much has been packed into your three years of life.  Much more than I will ever remember, therefore I blog. My memory of your first 6 months are a bit foggy, what a change we had been through, going […]

A Tractor Birthday Party

November 17, 2010

We celebrated the boy’s 3rd birthday last weekend with a tractor themed party. We rented this “train” that you pull behind a lawnmower.  Really that’s all they needed, they could have ridden this thing all day, it was a hit. We also had my niece’s bouncy house. and a tractor tire full of corn, and […]

Happy 2nd Birthday

November 23, 2009

This morning at 12:45 am, and 12:55 am the boys turn 2.  I know it’s cliché to say but it’s so hard for me believe that I have shared 2 wonderful years with my little men.  They have grown and changed so much in such a short amount of time and have filled me with […]

2nd Birthday Party

November 22, 2009

Well the boys had a great time at their birthday party, and I thought I would just post a few sneak peek pictures. Tomorrow is their actual birthday, so please expect lots of pictures and tons of emotional my babies can’t be 2 drama! My talented Aunt Sue Sue really out did herself with a […]

Trucker Cookies

September 7, 2009

A good friend of mine and fellow mother of twins Dory makes beautiful cookie and cookie bouquets.  So for DT’s birthday I decided to have some trucks made.  She did a great job, so much detail and they taste excellent soft and buttery with a hint of almond, yum.  DT was so surprised he really […]

The Cast is off!

July 10, 2009

Wednesday was the big day for Little W got his cast off.  I was nervous all day thinking only the worst, like his bone hasn’t healed and he will have to leave a cast on for another 4 weeks.  But fortunately the Dr. said his bone had healed beautifully and in fact would be stronger […]

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