Dear G and C

May 23, 2017


I came across this post of you after you turned 2 and I wrote sweet little letters about your selves that I thought I would never forget, and alas I had forgotten.  So I vowed to myself to post more for you, and me.  I never want to forget, even the small things.


As you are playing the backyard with your batman bathing suit and batman umbrella, and your trolls umbrella I am dying laughing.  Who knew an umbrellas would be the most favorite of gifts you’ve both gotten this year for your birthday.


As it turns out about 4 weeks ago I broke my arm just above the wrist, in a silly fall at my house.  And I’ve been instructed no photography with my heavy camera for at least 4-6 weeks.  So I was tested my abilities thus far, and no I am not 100% yet, but glad to see I could still take some for a short amount of time, if needed.


Dear G on your 4th birthday,


You are taking in the world so much, you want to be a big boy just like H and W, and dislike any baby things.  You love batman and all superheros. You love playing with your trucks, and tractors, and friends at school.  You have 2 best friend WG and E from school and your brothers of course.  You are independent, you want to do everything yourself, you pick out your clothes and put them on yourself, shoes and socks too.  You like to get snacks for yourself and much to my dismay can open almost any package.  You also like to sneak into the freezer and pull out the ice cream.  You have learned a few new phases from your big brothers that I hope you forget really soon, your newest favorite is “This Sucks”, in referring to my dinners or anything you don’t want to do…..  You also love to sit in my lap and have your back scratched and your favorites tv shows are batman, Masha and the bear, and Octonauts.  You can write your G’s pretty good and still need a little help with your full name, but you love learning and love coloring and chalk drawing outside on the drive way.  When you are being silly, your flap your arms and head around side to side and dance and it’s so funny.  It’s your own little happy dance.  You have the best smile and also the best rolled eyes I am so mad look.  Sometimes you still flop on the floor in silent protest when you are mad and we all laugh.  Your strawberry birthmark on your neck is so very faint now, it just looks like a collection of little freckles, and it’s still your most kissable spot.  You have sweet bear hugs and big puckered lip kisses.  You love playing with C and I love when y’all hold hands and are so excited about some new fun thing you just thought to do, like building forts in the living room, playing with blocks or trucks, or even taking a shower together.  At night you must have your favorite blanket and still sleep with no pillow so you can rock your head back and forth.  Your favorite foods, are sandwiches, chips and oranges or any fruit, you also really like peas.  You make our life so full, we love you sweet G on your 4th birthday.


Dear C,


You are the rowdy one of the group, and that is saying something.  You never stop, like literally, if there is something to be done or touched or not messed with, there you go.  It’s one of the most infuriating and also hilarious things about you.  You are also the sweetest child, you love cuddling and if I am sitting on the couch or anywhere you can bet you are sitting in my lap and being my baby forever.  You hate any proof that you are growing up, If I tell you that you’ve outgrown some of your clothes or shoes, you get all sad and swear they still fit.  You look at me and say I love you Mommy, will you marry me.  I melt, and apparently I am not the only one you have asked to marry, your teachers have reported this also and as well as a few classmates.  One of your best friends and “girlfriend” at school is H, and you want to marry her too. You know how to charm the ladies young and old-er.  Ha.  You loves all things Trolls, and Princess Poppy, you likes Branch ok, but Poppy is your favorite.  You has a real love for the more dainty things in life, you love flowers, and pink, and decorating…  I am dying as I am writing this, because you are also my most boy-ish boy too.  You can write your first name, most of the time and sometimes backwards and the other day you wrote MOM, needless to say you have me wrapped.  You are always on the go thinking and or plotting your next move.  We have some chicks right now, and first thing every morning, in your pajamas you are out checking on them.  You love coloring and drawing and love drawing, houses, or rainbows, or poppy and branch.  You also love playing with your brothers.  At night you sleep with your Pippo a blue lovey and also your trolls blanket.  Sometimes you sneak in bed with me to sleep.   Your favorite TV shows are Spongebob, Trolls Movie, and Masha and the bear.  Your favorite foods are, cookies, raw carrots in ranch and ice cream.  You like to change your clothes multiple times a day and usually 1 or 2 articles of clothing are on backwards or no underwear.  We love you so much, C on your 4th birthday






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