Boys of Summer 2015

August 4, 2015

Exactly 2 years ago I took pictures of my boys in our backyard.  It was hot and sticky and the boys squinted and I recruited my mom to help.  But I took one of my favorite all time photos of my boys that day.   Awe, they all look so very wittle.

Well 2 years have flown by and this is our last week in our home of almost 10 years.  I am feeling a little emotional about the move, but looking so forward to a much bigger home and 2 bathrooms.  Oh it will be glorious.

 photo JCH_3606_zpsscnntwdl.jpg
 photo JCH_3616_zpsqmfku0l0.jpg

So I had to make due with it.
 photo JCH_3625_zpst8uyyelv.jpg

Of course, I think there is even a term for this, photographer’s children syndrome, and if it’s not a term, it should be.

 photo JCH_3636_zpsjk8i3ggx.jpg

Seriously those boys.

 photo JCH_3629_zpse0xb37fa.jpg

I tried all my tricks and they just weren’t having it.

So, I just sang to myself, let it go, let it go.  I will think this is funny one day.

 photo JCH_3669_zpstfeidmas.jpg
 photo JCH_3709_zpsfdmeomxc.jpg

And I took some photos of my Wy guy.  Love this one of the sprinkler behind him.

He has recently lost both his front teeth and looks so different now.

 photo JCH_3717_zps7avrsv8z.jpg
And look no crying driving the ford.
 photo JCH_3714_zpsicoruyou.jpg

Ranger, mid lick
 photo JCH_3725_zpsvnu0vhyh.jpg
and my sweet cricket, I just love that face.

 photo JCH_3723_zps5uaxadhn.jpg

And my big boys, seriously when did this happen.

 photo JCH_3650_zpstcwf5pya.jpg

Oh how I will miss this house and all the memories made here.  But lucky for me I will drive by it everyday and keep all our wonderful neighbors as we are only moving 4 houses down.



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