2 year old photos in the sandbox

May 21, 2015

So I was going to take 2 year photos of my boys, but in typical photographer’s child syndrome; I hadn’t planned it yet and was blanking on ideas, and outfits.

 photo JCH_7936_zpsiom5fvpz.jpg

SO I decided to keep it easy, in the backyard, unposed, playing, in their old onesies, barefooted, digging in sand.
 photo JCH_7919_zpsowceiarv.jpg

This is typical for my boys, so I went with it.  The light was perfect yesterday morning. And my boys were so into their brand new sand toys.

And yes our sand box is an old tractor tire!!
 photo JCH_7870_zpsctwmnmub.jpg

A letter to you Dear C for your 2nd birthday,

 photo JCH_8014_zpsg7aswpdu.jpg

You bring so much light and laughter into our daily lives.   You love exploring everything, and can’t keep your hands off even the most mundane things.  You are so silly and love to run, super fast.  If something scares you, you cover your face with your hands, or bury you head in my chest.  You love to read books, and also watch TV standing super close to the screen, much to my dismay.  You love going to the park, sliding and swinging (but not too high).  You love helping me with the chickens and picking them up if one lets you.  You also love gathering the eggs (or throwing them on the ground).  Your favorite person in the world is me, and I LOVE that.  You still take a paci and you have a little stuffed hippo lovey named Pippo, he is your very favorite, you will not sleep without Pippo.  Your not the best eater, and tend to throw most everything on the ground, much to Cricket’s delight.  You don’t talk a ton, but will surprise me with what sounds like a perfectly placed full sentence.  You love riding on the 4-wheeler and daddy’s lawn mower. And any big Truck, Tractor or Garbage truck.  And you always say WOW, when they drive by.  You love animals, and our new kitten Bow-bow.  Your my cuddliest baby, and love when I rock and sing to you.  Happy 2nd Birthday to you my sweetie, we love you so much!

 photo JCH_7984_zpswuimm0ar.jpg
 photo JCH_7994_zpsloslbil8.jpg

 photo JCH_7978_zps2mfln43r.jpg
 photo JCH_7969_zpsoafnktwd.jpg

A letter to you my G Man,

 photo JCH_7959_zpsqjjbt6xv.jpg

You are so your own unique little guy, and your personality you could never hide.  You bring so much happiness into our lives and we can’t quit kisses those chubby cheeks.  You are very passionate about what you like and DON’T like.  You have you own way of getting what you want, and that may mean to flop of the floor face down, in silent protest.  You love your big brother’s and are always trying to keep up with them.  You love your trucks, and trailers and will spending hours just playing with them.  You can and will climb out of your crib so quietly and get into the dresser and pull out everything inside.  And when I come to find out the damage done, you will put your self in the corner and pop your own bottom, saying ouch ouch.  You like to stay close to me and aren’t much of a roamer, you are thoughtful and methodical about your actions.  You love your brand new ford truck and will drive it in circles over and over again.  You love bow-bow the kitten and usually carry him around by the neck!!  You are very selective about giving kisses and will only do it when you feel good and ready, and then you will give about 10 in a row.  You have beautiful tight curls, that mommy will never cut.  You look and act so much like your Poppy it is hilarious and scary at the same time.  You say please and thank you, usually followed with a big cheesy grin.  We love you so very much, Happy 2nd Birthday!!
 photo JCH_7955_zpsfaqn35ae.jpg

 photo JCH_7897_zpsdw4jqpca.jpg

 photo JCH_7940_zpssgw5mdzg.jpg
 photo JCH_7930_zpsr4w88npf.jpg

Our new kitten Bow-bow he is a sweet, playful kitten.  After the death of our sweet Chloe, we so missed having a kitty around, and we were able to get him from some friends about a month ago, and he fits in so great with our family.
 photo JCH_7914_zps78zfsnry.jpg

 photo JCH_7902_zpsusyfxcka.jpg
 photo JCH_7899_zpsxio5vdin.jpg

 photo JCH_7896_zpsxtrfq0l0.jpg
 photo JCH_7893_zpsmldjuuxo.jpg
 photo JCH_7881_zpsygfgxiog.jpg

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