C and G’s 2nd Birthday Party

May 18, 2015

It happened, the babies turned 2.

AND reluctantly we had a birthday party for them, like all good parents do.

I kid, I kid.  But just an emotional momma who doesn’t like when her kids get older.  Nothing new here.
 photo JCH_7707_zps5lyv7n0n.jpg

The theme was Elmo and Cookie Monster, just like big brother’s 2nd birthday.

 photo JCH_7710_zps47iagaz0.jpg

The cake was so darn cute, I may have taken only 50 of just it.

 photo JCH_7711_zpswmcptdcy.jpg

Poor Elmo’s arms kept falling off.

 photo JCH_7712_zpsg3wuvse5.jpg

Mom and Dad gave the boys these tricycles and they love them already, just have to get use to peddling them.

 photo JCH_7699_zpschkyflqs.jpg

Cousin T who is just 4 days older was able to come, and her and C had so much fun playing.

C kept trying to hug, kiss and possibly nibble her a little.  Baby love is so sweet.

 photo JCH_7715_zps40irejme.jpg

G was pretty fussy the whole day, he was fighting off ear infections and fifth’s disease. Poor baby.

 photo JCH_7722_zpsyonwxolc.jpg

I asked my SIL Christie to take some photos for me, I had so much fun looking through all the photos she took.

 photo JCH_7724_zps6eusjcxi.jpg
 photo JCH_7797_zpssp1ibfz6.jpg

 photo JCH_7729_zps1nlod0tl.jpg
 photo JCH_7735_zps34dljoue.jpg
 photo JCH_7741_zps3jvppgtc.jpg
 photo JCH_7742_zpsfj1qe7de.jpg
 photo JCH_7776_zps6anfzgod.jpg
 photo JCH_7790_zps9imwhjhz.jpg

 photo JCH_7806_zpsz2shw1ou.jpg

C loved the cake and couldn’t get close enough to the candles.

 photo JCH_7807_zpsymgsh0b3.jpg
 photo JCH_7809_zpsdvdfy1mv.jpg
 photo JCH_7812_zpszqgvxblr.jpg

G on the other hand did not want to get close to them at all.

 photo JCH_7813_zps7qthsnhr.jpg
 photo JCH_7818_zps9voto6kb.jpg
 photo JCH_7823_zpszmxhwvvr.jpg
 photo JCH_7830_zpsvdk6j8fl.jpg

Curl twins 60 years apart.  G looks so much like my dad it’s funny.

Not like me, not like my husband, but like my Dad and Grandpa, my own brother’s don’t look so much like my dad.

I love how genetics work.   I wonder if he will have black hair too?

 photo JCH_7855_zpssn3gjtnn.jpg
 photo JCH_7862_zpszktycx6y.jpg

The party was a great success and so great spending time with family celebrating.

Now let’s hope this next year goes very very very slowly!!!!!

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