Stitch Fix unboxing #?

April 17, 2015

So I’ve been the happy participate of Stitch fix for some time now.  The clothes I fall back on 100% of the time are my stitch fixes, the clothes I get the most compliments on are my fixes.  They are well made, with hints of details that you just don’t see everywhere.  Makes me feel a little more unique and quirky even at times, in the best of ways.  My most recent stitch is below.

 photo JCH_3140_zpsm07keprk.jpg

Pixley Jacobe Chevron Print Maxi Dress- love the fit, and comfort of this dress.

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_3146_zpsony0lfip.jpg

Papermoon Rock Embroidery Detail Knit top- perfect for spring, love the length and fit of this top and the emboridery detail.

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_3141_zpsf0z1lcxs.jpg

Liverpool Collen Straight Leg Jean- white jeans, eek.  With 4 boys I was hesitant, but I love the fit and look of the white jeans.

Verdict: Keep


 photo JCH_3148_zpsnssjn3ol.jpg

Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt- love the half sleeves and super soft shirt.  So easy to wear.

Verdict: Keep

 photo JCH_3144_zpsxqzmhttb.jpg

Collective Concepts Lydia Floral Print Key-Hole Blouse- beautiful blouse with wonderful detail and perfect with the white jeans.

Verdict- Keep
 photo JCH_3142_zpsfrigqmye.jpg
What is stitch fix you ask?  Stitch fix does the shopping for you.  You create a profile of your likes, sizes, preferences on styles, and can even give the stylist instructions or hints on what you might want.  For me, I wanted cute comfy clothes I could work or play in.  I am a jeans and shirts type of gal, but I want the cute factor too.  In each fix you get 5 items and you can choose to keep them all, and get a 25% discount, or keep as many of the 5 items as you want.  I am in dire need of clothes, since losing 30 + pounds and getting rid of my bigger clothes, then having twins and needing those big clothes again, I don’t have much to wear, and/or the time or desire to go shopping.  So this is the perfect solution for me.  Clothes hand picked by a stylist for me!!  What could be better.  You can see my previous fixes here and here.

My tips for a successful stitch fix. Details, give your stylist exact suggestions on what you like.  If you hate red, tell them.  Be specific have them send you for a specific event or work.  Let them know how you want your clothes to fit.  If you only want clothes in your fixes, un-select any accessories from your profile.  I personally only want clothes.  I also ask for the same stylist each time, she’s had a really good track record with me so I like to keep that going.

Have you gotten a stitch fix?


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