Rainy Day Fun

March 12, 2015

 photo JCH_1242_zpsp27t4yh4.jpg

It’s been a rainy season so far, between that and the cold we’ve been cooped up in the house for way too long.

 photo JCH_1184_zpsmaoabxok.jpg

It was raining yet again and ALOT so I decided to let the boys play outside, yes in the rain, yes it was about 65 degrees and yes in their undies.

 photo JCH_1211_zps5mlbmnkg.jpg

H even got in on the action, he was home sick with a stomach bug, but was feeling much better.

 photo JCH_1188_zpsdfsmtymy.jpg

C and G were a bit hesitant at first, but they loved it.

 photo JCH_1203_zps6mivwqzb.jpg

 photo JCH_1264_zps6uxwrwql.jpg

And even stripped down.

 photo JCH_1247_zpsqq7hfjhl.jpg

Just love those little tushies.

 photo JCH_1255_zpsuwgpqfvb.jpg

I seem to remember a similar post when H and W were about the same age, you can see it here and another when they are a little older here.

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