Bathtime Fun

January 12, 2015

I snuck in and took some pictures of all the boys taking a bath the other night.

I was trying to not been seen, so I could catch them just interacting and playing like they usually do.

 photo JCH_4451_zps93d39a8a.jpg

But they spotted me, they are so sweet in the bath all together.

 photo JCH_4462_zpsa179f2ce.jpg

G loves playing with the cup and squealing as loud as he can.

 photo JCH_4465_zps86d6b08e.jpg

C loves the to brush his and his brother’s teeth.

 photo JCH_4471_zps56accd6a.jpg

 photo JCH_4497_zps1517a62b.jpg

 photo JCH_4473_zps68044e7e.jpg

There is something I just love about this photo, technically it’s all out of focus.

But I love the perspective of this shot, W kissing G on the head, G grabbing H’s arm and H grabbing C as he is trying to move away.  Love those silly busy boys.

 photo JCH_4486_zps294707c6.jpg

 photo JCH_4484_zpsc31dcbf2.jpg

Cricket catching a little peace and quiet while they bath.

 photo JCH_4481_zps5fe464fe.jpg

I’ve been a horrible blogger lately with the holidays and my busy time of the year with photography I have really slacked, hope to be posting more regularly soon.




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