Sneaky Snacks

September 4, 2014

So the other day the babies were playing out side and I was feeding the chickens and I walked up to this scene (of course I ran for my camera).

What you are looking at is not a trash can, but the dog food can.

The babies managed to push their wagon over to it, pull the lid off and climb inside, it’s about halfway full of dog food.

 photo JCH_7164copy_zpsf24e6d1b.jpg

Hi, what are you doing?

 photo JCH_7168_zps1d4a966e.jpg

If you notice both of their cheeks seem to be full.  hmmm……

 photo JCH_7173_zps7fedcc95.jpg

 photo JCH_7175_zps8a0cea0e.jpg
C thought it was the funniest thing they did all day.

 photo JCH_7182_zps41531358.jpg

G thought it was the tastiest…….. :\

 photo JCH_7179_zps1767e1bc.jpg

My dad did inform me that at least dog food in the US is made so that humans can consume it, you know, if that accidentally happens or something.

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Lalo September 4, 2014 at 9:56 am

And I still want baby kisses!!!


Patti Roades September 4, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Never a dull moment at the Newlyweds. They have changed so since I saw them last. We need to get all cousins together.


J W Martin September 18, 2014 at 6:56 am

I am little confused. I found your site while searching for, of all things, hatching eggs. Here I find a very nice blog, married 2006, twins 2007, etc. The pic at present on this page, is definitely not a pic of 7 year old boys, yet it is dated Sept. 14, 2014. Did you have another set of twins? Oh, and still looking for hatching eggs but didn’t know if you had them available.


Sweet Pea Reply:

Ha, yes i need to update my bio, I had another set of twin boys May 2013. So your eyes are not deceiving you. And I do have Olive Egger hatching eggs. Send me a email.


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