A day in the life

August 15, 2014

I recently watched a photography class that was all about documentary style photography and day in the life photos that tell a story.  I love love love these style of photos and think it’s a neat way to capture your life now, and finding the beauty in the everyday little things of life.   Especially with children, remembering the little things they do, the little habits or messes or climbing on everything stages of life.  The stuff you think you won’t, but may possibly forget one day, those moments are priceless to me.

My bigs were at a sleepover playdate with a neighbor friend, and it was just me and the babies, something that doesn’t happen very often.  So I created a little day in the life of the babies.  I’ll let the photos do the talking and tell the story.

 photo JCH_5254_zps8b6298f8.jpg
 photo JCH_5258_zps303aef28.jpg
 photo JCH_5263_zpscf961394.jpg
 photo JCH_5271_zps3fa54a2b.jpg
 photo JCH_5274_zpsc02b114a.jpg

 photo JCH_5275_zpsbcb947f3.jpg
 photo JCH_5297_zps8d7bd6c9.jpg
 photo JCH_5299_zpsdc9b1320.jpg
 photo JCH_5302_zps0a8d0e94.jpg
 photo JCH_5306_zps4b8f1380.jpg

 photo JCH_5312_zps5d326b87.jpg
 photo JCH_5328_zps2f02fa79.jpg


 photo JCH_5338_zpsc5cd6bd4.jpg
 photo JCH_5349_zps6e5347d1.jpg
 photo JCH_5352_zps9bdd74b6.jpg

 photo JCH_5365_zps94c003fd.jpg
 photo JCH_5373_zps85fa73c8.jpg
 photo JCH_5376_zps917cfd71.jpg
 photo JCH_5380_zpsca4dbd22.jpg
 photo JCH_5387_zps4a081925.jpg
 photo JCH_5390_zpsc0b4b275.jpg

 photo JCH_5395_zps94a5651a.jpg
 photo JCH_5418_zps8ed079ff.jpg

 photo JCH_5422_zpse3ce469d.jpg
 photo JCH_5426_zps4ca060cd.jpg

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Lalo August 15, 2014 at 12:21 pm

So sweet. Love them!!


Cousin Sarah August 15, 2014 at 7:45 pm

I love this! So cute 🙂


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