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July 1, 2014

I’ve gone a bit nuts with the box subscriptions and have tried so many of them that I’d love to share what I think of each one.

Subscription boxes: are either a one time or monthly/quarterly box that comes in the mail.  I mean who doesn’t love to get a surprise box each month.  These are great gifts too.  I got each one of my family members a subscription box for christmas, my dad a Tackle Grab for father’s day, and my Mom a birchbox for christmas.

There is a box for just about everything you can think of, beauty, makeup, crafts, toys, clothes, wine, food, health conscience, all natural products, date nights, you name it.  I’ve had so much fun with these.  And I still want to try more, but for now I am trying to contain myself.

For Women:

Stitch Fix– #5  Styled clothing specifically for you and your taste, sent to your home.  My absolute favorite monthly subscription.  You can see more of my fixes here.
 photo JCH_2005_zpsdeeb4a96.jpg
 photo JCH_2007_zps958bb4ee.jpg
 photo JCH_2008_zps1abbae0a.jpg
 photo JCH_2010_zps5fb21d06.jpg

Wantable intimates– has 3 lines, intimates, accessories and beauty.  I love the intimates and get them monthly, I get comfy bra’s, panties, pajamas pants, tops, etc.  You can get as sexy, comfy, or casual as you’d like as you can select your style profile.  It’s so much fun getting this box, I have loved everything I’ve received.
 photo JCH_9577_zps7ed5ee40.jpg
 photo JCH_9581_zps4dfb9378.jpg
 photo JCH_9583_zps0b261981.jpg
 photo JCH_9585_zpsae25e705.jpg
 photo JCH_9586_zps08f71249.jpg

Wantable accessories-the accessories box I have tried just once, I really liked the glasses, but wasn’t too thrilled with the jewelry.
 photo JCH_9598_zps90d63e7b.jpg
 photo JCH_9600_zpsc942b662.jpg
 photo JCH_9608_zps1a53d87d.jpg

For Children:

Citrus Lane–  For the babies I get this box and I love it.  It always has a unique toy, new baby product, food or treat, and usually a book.  Sometimes it even has coupons and items for mom.  They are age appropriate and go up until age 5.  This would be a great gift for mom at a baby shower or birthday gift.

*If you purchase through my link you will save 50% off your first box.
 photo JCH_1125_zps2eaf952a.jpg
 photo JCH_1128_zpsf8e3e719.jpg photo JCH_1129_zps0c8323b6.jpg

 photo JCH_1131_zps8ab2bd03.jpg
 photo JCH_1132_zps45bc6945.jpg

Kiwi Krate–  I got this subscription for the bigs they share it and each do one craft. This is a craft box with 2 crafts in each box, again they are age appropriate, fun little crafts the boys absolutely love them.  W made the paper and H made the stamped bag.  I highly recommend this box for the crafty older children ages 3-8.

*if you sign up under my link you will save $10.
 photo JCH_2936_zpsb725cb67.jpg
 photo JCH_2937_zps26a683eb.jpg
 photo JCH_2939_zps883461c9.jpg
 photo JCH_2940_zps08ee7955.jpg
For Men:  I’ve spoiled DT a little and he gets 2 boxes for himself and loves them both.

Birchbox Man– The birchbox man is sample items geared towards men,  but the cool thing about the bbman is that they usually get 1 full sized item, like a pair of boxer shorts, wallet, tie clip, cuff lings, these are a few he has gotten.

 photo JCH_9612_zpse2ef40b7.jpg
 photo JCH_9613_zpsefd5d64b.jpg

Tackle Grab– for the fishermen in your life, I got a subscription for my dad and DT.  You fill out your profile for the style of fishing you’d like and they send you a monthly package with some great tackle.  DT loves getting his and tells everyone about it.

PS: if you’d like to sign up with tackle grab send me your email and I’ll send you a referral link and you will get $10 off your first order.
 photo JCH_1191_zps9a06a815.jpg
 photo JCH_1192_zps0e895b71.jpg
 photo JCH_1194_zps37350947.jpg
 photo JCH_1195_zps3714349a.jpg

Graze– a fun food box.  These come every 2 weeks and have 4 snacks, each one has a label of ingredients and calories counts.  You can select your profile for very healthy items, or slightly more indulgent snack, we do about half and  half.  So yummy some of my favorites are the herby basket, flap jacks or any of the touch of chocolates. DT loves the popcorn and spicy nuts.

* if you sign up under my link you get your first box and fifth box for free.
 photo JCH_2945_zps77270126.jpg
 photo JCH_2946_zpsdd66a463.jpg
 photo JCH_2947_zps3d315e0c.jpg
 photo JCH_2948_zpsd25c88b8.jpg
 photo JCH_2949_zpsb45fa37f.jpg

Which one do you want to try?

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Wendy July 2, 2014 at 5:16 pm

Thanks for the boxes I haven’t heard about before! I’m a sucker for getting a surprise in the mailbox. I ended up dropping down to once a month for the graze box and added a bulubox in its place. I haven’t received my first one yet, but am excited about it. Whem my birchbox arrives, I found that I have to open it before I get home or my girls will swoop down like buzzards. In fact, my oldest is heading off to A&M fall and wants her own birchbox and grazebox. Apple meet tree, lol.


Sweet Pea Reply:

I like the surprises in the mail too, so much fun!!! I hadn’t heard of the bulu box, would love to hear what you think of it when you get yours.


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