C and G 7 months

December 14, 2013

The littles are 7 months old today and are enjoying their first Christmas Season.  They love the lights and all the new “toys” to play with, and let’s not forget, Mommy is loving their first Christmas too, and what’s that without some cute babies with santa hats, nakie tooshies, and Christmas trees?

G at 7 months has mastered rolling, scooting, turning in all directions, and is rocking on his knees and will possibly be crawling any day now, much to my dismay.  Maybe if I am lucky he will wait until all the Christmas decorations are put away, but I highly doubt that.

 photo JCH_1690_zps5f149b41.jpg

He loves to chew and grab everything, but no teeth yet.  A few favorites chew toys are cell phones, remotes, and glasses.  He is the babble master, and have heard just about all the major sounds, ba ba, ma ma, and da da.

 photo JCH_1704_zpsec7089e5.jpg

He is sitting really well on his own and loves to sit and play and check out everything going on around him. He doesn’t want to miss a thing and can whip that head around quickly when he hears a noise.

 photo JCH_1706_zpsc11508aa.jpg

Cricket is new in the house again, after a little hiatus since the babies have been born, and G and C love her.  She licks them in the mouth every chance she gets, ugh……….


C is a sitting master and hardly topples over anymore, but when he does it’s straight back with a boom and he is not too happy about it.  He is sleeping unswaddled now, in a sleep sack, and loves his paci and crocheted blanket at night.  He is rolling all over and gets where he wants in a split second.  I have found him in some funny places the last few weeks.  He is not getting up on his knees very much at all, but planks like a master.  That kid has some core muscles!

 photo JCH_1711_zps725e0926.jpg

He still loves biting chins, and chewing on anything he can get his mouth on, but no teeth, yet.

 photo JCH_1712_zps63fc709b.jpg

He is a funny little guy and makes the funniest noises, gurgles, grunts, and squeals.  When it’s time to nurse he does this sweet little happy wiggle, exciting noise, it’s so sweet.

 photo JCH_1720_zpsf11a615b.jpg

They are still nursing 5-6 times a day and I’ve added an evening bottle to top them off at night when my supply is low.  They are eating 1-2 fruits and veggies with cereal everyday and have had some new foods this month including, spinach, mango, blueberry, mixed veggies, and butternut squash.

 photo JCH_1763_zps9238c6d4.jpg

As you can see they love to steal things from each other it makes me laugh.

Just look at those squishy tooshies!!

 photo JCH_1784_zpsa279b7b6.jpg

And when big brothers saw the photos I was taking of the babies they wanted to join in.

 photo JCH_1803_santafaces_zps44349ea6.jpg

They will kill me one day for this, ha ha ha ha.  Love my boys!

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Miz Helen December 18, 2013 at 6:58 am

The Christmas Photo’s of the boy’s are just adorable. I have enjoyed your journey with them. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
Miz Helen


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