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December 2013

C and G 7 months

December 14, 2013
 photo JCH_1690_zps5f149b41.jpg

The littles are 7 months old today and are enjoying their first Christmas Season.  They love the lights and all the new “toys” to play with, and let’s not forget, Mommy is loving their first Christmas too, and what’s that without some cute babies with santa hats, nakie tooshies, and Christmas trees? G at 7 months […]

Christmas Mini Photo Session

December 1, 2013
 photo JCH_6897_zps27676d4d.jpg

I love taking photos!  Sometimes it’s nice stating the obvious.  A-hem I did mini sessions for my photography business, hobby, job?  Not sure which category it falls into.  But I did Christmas Mini’s, and had to “practice” on my sweet darling, perfect picture taking boys.  And by practice, I mean use every bit of patience […]

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