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November 2013

6 years of motherhood

November 23, 2013

Taking a little walk down memory lane as the Bigs turn 6 this Saturday.  My throat tightened a bit as I typed that, really 6!!   What a crazy adventure it has been, and I wouldn’t change a single thing.  Even the tantrums, broken leg, messes, because what brings it all that together is all the fun, […]

C and G 6 months

November 18, 2013
 photo JCH_6032_zps2074d193.jpg

So the babies are 6 months old now, and as I say and will always say, it’s going too fast.  Each day they are doing something new, whether it be sitting on their own a little longer, or eating a new food, or making a new noise. They still nurse 5-6 times a day and […]

Halloween fun

November 1, 2013
 photo JCH_0733_zps158cd6a4.jpg

The big boys had a Halloween parade and party at school on Halloween morning, usually the parade is outside but with the big rain storm we had it was moved indoors. H was a Astronaut and W was Frankenstein. They had a good time made a witches brew and ate some snacks and watched halloween […]

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