Guest Post: The 5 Love Languages

June 18, 2013

I’d like to welcome Cassie from True Agape.  She is guest posting today about the 5 love languages.  I love  these wonderful ideas, I think we all can use these great tools as a reminder that we do need to show and share our love and make the effort to do so more often.  I know DT’s love language is touch and acts of service, ie: food!  Mine are quality time and acts of service. 

What is your love language?

True Agape

Hi there! I am Cassie from My husband, Ryan, and I decided to start True Agape as a resource, a place to allow us to learn and a catalyst for growth. It’s our sincere hope that this resource will not only help our relationship, but that it will inspire other young Christian newlywed couples to take responsibility, stay committed and create a marriage that will stand the test of time.

To tell you a Cliff Notes version about us: We are competitive athletes which is actually how we met. You can find out the unique way Ryan and I met here. You can also check out our themed wedding here. We were married on October 29th, 2011 and are still absolutely loving marriage! One thing that has really helped us stay connected with each other is knowing the others Love Language. Therefore, today I am going to share some information and ideas about the 5 Love Languages. (Special thanks to Newlyweds Blog for having us over today as a guest writer! I am always so excited to share on this topic that is so dear to my heart!)

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts” are 5 ways that most people feel loved.

They include:

acts of service– doing something for your spouse that would be helpful to them

quality time spending time together where your attention is on the two of you

gifts bought or handmade gifts for your spouse

words of affirmation– verbal or written words that praise your partner

physical touch– holding hands and making physical contact

(Click the title to go to ideas for each love language.)

The key is to make sure you are loving your spouse in the way they feel loved!

Now at a glance this seems pretty easy and most of assume we are doing that. However, there are two things to keep in mind.

One: We often show love the way we like to receive love. Therefore, I often ask Ryan if I can help him do anything or try to spend time with him. That is because I like to receive quality time and acts of service to feel loved. However, those are not his primary love languages. (How do I know?We took the assessments early on in our relationship. You can do the same here.) So although we feel like we are showing our love to our spouses, they may not be feeling as loved if that is not their language.

Two: Sometimes after learning of the 5 Love Languages we assume we know our spouses love language. This is not always the case! Again, you think you are speaking their language but you are not. Simply ask your significant other to take the assessment so you know what their love language is! You can take it too!

Come on, I mean if we are going to go through all the effort to make sure our spouse feels loved don’t we want to make sure they are ACTUALLY feeling loved? I have heard several situations where one person is working so hard to show they care, yet the other person is complaining they never feel loved. Why is that? Because they are not speaking the right love language!

We truly believe each couple should know their spouse’s love language! It honestly can save a lot of hurt and heartache in marriage. You and your spouse go on over and take the 5 Love Languages Assessment. Then, once you know your spouse’s love language click over to True Agape to our 5 Love Languages page to find some neat ideas!



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