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April 2012

Menu Plan Monday

April 30, 2012

Fun week planned this week, starting a new workout video.  Can you believe I get excited about starting a new workout video?  Crazy I know.  Working my tail off all week so I can party all weekend, because this weekend will be DT’s and my 6th wedding anniversary!!  We are planning a fun weekend getaway.  […]

Ripped in 30 Results and Pictures

April 28, 2012

  Ripped in 30 is officially done! Under my belt!  Completed!!  Can I get a Woo Hoo?  I may be a little excited about this.  Folks this video is no joke ( I think I say that every time).  But seriously a great exercise.  Wonderful, hard, will push you to your max kind of workout.  […]

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Newlyweds: Recipe Linky

April 25, 2012 Button

Welcome to Newlyweds Recipe Linky. Wow excellent week last week, thank you to everyone who participated we had the most link ups and also views of all time.  This week will be great to.  I am sure there will be something to inspire you in the kitchen today! I will comment, Pin , tweet, and […]

Dewberry Lemon Pudding Cake

April 24, 2012

Dewberries, oh, lovely little sweetly tart dewberries.  It’s always a great time of year when Dad comes home with buckets full of dewberries.  Dewberries are similar to black berries except the are sweeter and slightly smaller and they grow wild on my dad’s farm.  DT went to help my dad last weekend and brought home a […]

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Menu Plan Monday

April 23, 2012

Lots of favorite foods I am cooking this week.  DT’s favorite, jambalaya, my favorite tacos, and a couple new yummy recipes.  It’s going to be a great week.  What do you have planned this week? Last week we enjoyed: Apple Nachos Sweet and spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps (picture and recipe courtesy of Crumbs and Chaos) […]

Ripped in 30- Level 3

April 21, 2012

These ripped in 30 videos are no joke people.  Level 3 is especially intense.  Moves like Duck walk, jumping squats, jumping lunges, squat jacks, tricep dips, and more and more.  This level goes very quickly, but not before your muscles are burning it up.  Burn means change and change is good, so I try to […]

Newlyweds: Recipe Linky

April 18, 2012 Button

Welcome to Newlyweds Recipe Linky. How’s your week going so far, looking for some new kitchen inspiration? I am sure there is something here to inspire you in the kitchen today! I will comment, Pin , tweet, and facebook as many as I can. I’d love it if you all do the same for each […]

Apple Nachos

April 17, 2012

Have you seen the craze on Pinterest for  Apple Nachos?  Well I sure did and I took heart.  I love a twist on the old classic apples and peanut butter.   I made these over the weekend and they were gone like hot cakes,  and I will say I ate a bunch of them, and, do […]

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Menu Plan Monday

April 16, 2012

Did I ever mention I love menu planning?  It just makes life easier.  No last minute running to the grocery store or rushing to defrost meat from the freezer.  I also love finding new recipes to try, or creating new recipes.   Ok I just love food in general and cooking so anything that can make […]

Ripped in 30 Level 2 and monthly progress pictures

April 14, 2012

Level 2, oh boy. I really liked this level, it has really different, albeit hard, fun moves in it.  I started off a little slow, I didn’t want to be too sore, and I am glad I didn’t because my abs were sore.  First time for that, it has some awesome ab moves in this […]

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