30 day Shred Challenge week 4

October 16, 2010



I’m still shredding!!  I completed week 4 and level 2 this week.  Though I did take two days off because of this pesky chest cold.  It feels really good to have this many weeks completed.  I can see a difference in my arms, stomach and thighs, love it!  My energy level is much improved and I actually look forward to working out, YES I said look forward to it.  Nothing like a good sweat to get your heart pumping and clear your mind.

I haven’t weighted myself but if I were to guess I would say I’ve lost about 5lbs.

I am also eating better, watching my portions and adding more fruits and veggies and less junk foods.  But I am not cutting out any foods, if I want pumpkin blondies, I eat 1, not 3 or 4.  I’ve also slowly tapered myself off of whole milk and now enjoy drink 1%, I just don’t think I could go fat free, it’s just like water!  Those few extra calories I won’t miss.

I also adding some running this week and last, this may sound crazy but while the boys are playing in the backyard, I run around the back yard (we have about 1/2 acre),  I have it mapped out and even judged the distance, 30 laps = 2.2 miles.  It’s ok my neighbors already think I’m crazy!

Be sure to check out The Thrifty Mama, for more Shredding encouragement.

How are you doing?  What’s your favorite exercise or diet tip?

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Katie M October 16, 2010 at 5:02 pm

Wow congrats!!! Jillian is MEAN isn’t she, but once you get past the first couple days, it’s a lot easier! So what do you do, 10 days/level?


Candi @ Family Stamping and FOOD! October 17, 2010 at 5:56 pm

You are so funny! Last December when I was training for my first 5K, I ran around the house in 45 degree weather every day for 30 minutes each day. I looked CRAZY but felt great to be able to run the 5K the next few weeks. You’re doing so great! Congrats for sticking with it!


Sweet Pea Reply:

@Candi @ Family Stamping and FOOD!, Oh this makes me feel so much better!! But you know it’s so hard to get the kiddos together to go for a run, and this way they play while I work out, double win.


Alicia @ Alicia's Homemaking October 18, 2010 at 7:25 am

LOL! Laughing at the picture of you running around the yard….

Go Jenna! You’re doing awesome.


Sweet Pea Reply:

@Alicia @ Alicia’s Homemaking, Ha Ha, thanks!! Crazy or not, lol! How are you doing?


Alicia @ Alicia's Homemaking Reply:

@Sweet Pea, Doing good! Finished Day #13 today…


Helene October 18, 2010 at 9:02 pm

Ugh, I totally suck! I haven’t done the workout since last week! A friend of mine are gonna start jogging in the mornings when our kids are in school…but I still may do the Shred. I think I’ll secretly miss getting my ass kicked by Jillian.


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